Business Talks is the main project of JCI Bahçeşehir, that focuses on Business opportunity of JCI.

The project has interesting topics on finance, sales, marketing, entreprenuership, new technologies. Top executives of national and international companies are invited as guest speakers.

The event is organized as Q&A panel. During each event, JCI Bahçeşehir assigns one of its members as a moderator. Moderator prepares set of questions to reveal the expertise of top executives.

Participants may also ask questions to learn from the experiences. This is a business networking opportunity for young entreprenues who are willing to do business with national and international companies.

JCI Bahçeşehir is collaborating with national and international companies such AstraZenica, Eczacıbasi, Koc Holding, Dogus Holding, Bein Group, Mir Group, Howarth Turkey, Keiretsu Turkey, Colslim, Komili Gida, Reneva, Altınkılıç