‘Dreams Have No Limits’ is intended to donate wheelchairs, bicycles, wooden toys, animal barns by collaboration of volunteer associations and companies.

This project intends to target below people for donation activities:
* Wheelchairs for people who are old people or who can’t use their legs.
* Bicycles and wooden toys for children whose parents have low income.
* Animal barns for street animals in order to keep them safe.

By this program, JCI Bahçeşehir had triangle bridge between NGOs, companies and itself:

*The main partner of the project is M3 Works. M3 Works & JCI Bahçeşehir collaborated with 42 national and international companies. JCI Bahçeşehir collaborated with 11 NGOs to reach the people who have the needs of donations:

*These NGOs are well-known and most trustworhy NGOs such:

-Koruncak Foundation, Spinal Cord Paralystic Association, Darülaceze Charity Foundation, Atlas Help Association, Cyprus Disabled People Association, Tema Foundation, Life Without Cancer Association, LOSEV, Turkcell Dialog Center, Keeping Street Children, Children Are Our Future Association.