Peace In the Turkey Peace in The World is the main project of JCI Bahçeşehir, that focuses on Peace is Possible of JCI. During the project, it is intended to host international members of JCI Bahçeşehir as guest speakers. During this section, the international member will tell about the life in Turkey, his/her linkage and contribution with JCI Bahçeşehir.

JCI Bahçeşehir enrolled three international members during COVID-19. These international members are originated from Palestine, Sryia and Indonesia.

These members do not know Turkish or could not speak Turkish frequently. These members will tell how to come up with language barier by a peace climate. In the second section, partners of Road To Twinning projects (14 chapters from 4 regions of JCI World) will share peace messages by videos, pictures, visuals etc.

The intention is to increase peace relations between Turkey and these countries and highlighting ‘Peace is Possible’.