During COVID-19, as JCI Bahcesehir, we intend to collaborate with JCI chapters around the World on Zoom. During COVID situation, unfortunately we all didn’t have a chance to enjoy international traveling. Thus, our local organization started a project to connect online to every single part of the World to:

  • Learn from other cultures
  • Create social impact together
  • Share business experiences
  • Develop peace and brotherhood with various countries


How to proceed Road To Twinning program with our global partners:

  • Our first intention is to get to know each other with other local organizations.
  • In the second step, we target to organize mutual online events.
  • This process enable us to evaluate each other whether we may go along together for a long run.
  • If everything is fine and both chapters like each other, after sometime, the twinning may be dealt but not mandatory.
  • Meanwhile partner chapters organize global events, share experiences and learn from each other like twinning chapters even though there is no twinning deal.


Why ‘Road To Twinning’ is essential for global partnering:

  • Generally chapters sign twinning agreements without a feasibility study.
  • This project intends to get feasibility results by practicing frequent contact and collaboration with various chapters.
  • Signing twinning is not mandatory.
  • It is a Road/Way to Twinning.


We collaborate with 21 local organizations from 4 regions:
ASPAC : Philippines (JCI Womandaue, JCI Kadayawan), Mongolia (JCI Capital), Indonesia (JCI Medan), Bangladesh (JCI Dhaka North), Malaysia (JCI United Penang)
Europe : Romania (JCI Bucuresti), Latvia (JCI Riga), Estonia (JCI Toompea), Belgium (JCI Hasselt), Ukraine (JCI Stars)
Middle East & Africa : Tunisia (JCI Nadhour), Ghana (JCI Dansoman); Nigeria (JCI Benin Metro)
America: Dominican Republic (JCI 80 Inc), Ecuador (Perla Del Pacifico), Bolivia (JCI Tunari), Brazil (JCI Passo Fundo), Panama (JCI Metropolitano)