Self Excellence is the main project of JCI Bahçeşehir, that focuses on Individual Development opportunity of JCI. The program intends to develop personal excellence skills of members on leadership, body language, communication, motivation, anger management etc.

The program also provides physical and mental relaxation activities such yoga, pilates, meditation, reiki etc. We collaborate with professional trainers who are giving service to national and international companies.

The training fees are very affordable for members with respect to they get the services out of JCI. This program is developing the skills of members not only professionally but also adding value to their social/community communication skills.

JCI Bahçeşehir collaborates with professional trainers. We collaborate with companies like Dale Carnegie. We also collaborate with professional trainers like Kerem Calicioglu, Omur İlbas, Hale Caneroglu, popular well-known nationwide trainers.